Kim Jong-un and local Henry Kissingers

Kim Jong-un

Comment and Opinion – By Jimmy Rhatigan

IS IT any wonder that people have become sick to the teeth with the ranting, raving and irrational behaviour of some of our politicians.

What a motley crew.

As arrogant as ever, full of their own importance, bursting with inflated egos.

A majority of them are publicity mad, stark raving mad so they will do anything to create a photo opportunity.

In fact they go to local events, nip in for a few minutes, chase a photographer around and then head for the hills or wherever once they have got their jaw into a picture.

Some are now adopting a Do It Yourself approach, carrying their own cameras, taking selfies or getting some unsuspecting soul to do the needy.

In a matter of minutes, the pretty boy or girl is on Facebook or some other social networking website, highlighting the caring, community conscience public representative as he or she would like to view himself or herself.

It is yet another job for the boys and girls, not a paid one, but one to boost their so-called images.

Some have already attained medical status as they hold regular clinics.

And after taking what some innocently call a snap at a community function, the politician my then send the picture to a local newspaper or magazine hoping that someone will use an image that has already done the rounds on social media.

That said pictures are often used says a lot too for lazy or apathetic decision makers in the media as well as politicians who it seems will tread on anyone’s grave or do anyone’s job once it serves his or her own purpose.

The Reporter is privy to an experiment carried out in an online newspaper where a political story was planted side by side with a joke.

The numbers of people who read one or the other or both stories were carefully documented.

The political story got 12 hits. The joke, wait for it, interested over 2,000 people.
Enough said, maybe not, but it certainly puts the pecking order of politicians in local life into perspective.

Anyway, enough waffle.

While politicians have tried all kinds of everything to catapult themselves into the public eye, the latest nonsense involving members of the Independent Alliance, Shane Ross, Finian McGrath and John Halligan who intimated that they were considering heading to North Korea on a peace mission is a whole new ball game in mé féinism.

Ah hold on lads, had to be the reaction of those who saw a proposed meeting with dictator Kim Jong-un as a publicity kite that wouldn’t last too long in the air, wind or no wind.

It seems that as we go to press, any proposed trip to North Korea is now dead in the water.

And thanks be to God and his Blessed Mother for that.

But the very fact that this bold trinity of a pair of Dubs and a Waterford man considered getting up, up and away says a lot for their level of thought and certainly puts a reasonably sized question mark over the brain power of the Independent Alliance.

One wonders if the bold Kim had got any correspondence or perhaps a phone call from the trinity of intrepid wannabe international heroes.

Had he received any notice of a proposed trip, it would certainly have been interesting to be a fly on the wall as Kim discussed any proposed pow wow with his trusty generals.

Three peace pioneers from Ireland, one general might have tried to explain.
Pioneers from Ireland, queried Kim.

All them Irish lads like their Guinness and if they do decide to visit our haven of democracy they will hopefully bring a few kegs.

At least we won’t be saddled with a bowl of shamrock. They can keep that for old Trumpy in March.

Any proposed visit by our newly found peace envoys hardly earned the three boyos too many kudos. But the brickbats were flying, so there was lots of ducking and diving.

We wondered if the lads were out celebrating something or other when they came up with the weird idea of taking on the roles of modern day Henry Kissingers.

Perhaps their idea was a noble one but we have to say that it would have been more in their line to have focused on the many problems in our own little isle of green, homelessness, hospital trolleys, waiting lists, needs of children with disabilities and God only knows how many more festering sores that are inflicting pain on our people.

And, Mr Ross might also consider putting a bit more effort into helping to solve the Irish Rail dispute where decent and honourable workers are looking for a long overdue pay hike and thousands of commuters are being discommoded.

Where would you get it?

Problems on our own doorstep and Mr Ross and his buddies considered heading off to Jung-un land.

It’s November only and already it is pantomime season in our land of fairytales and horror stories.

Despicable is probably the best adjective to sum up the whole crazy episode.
Embarrassing would be another apt description.